Sometimes I wonder, why sometimes we create scenarios in our heads or visions of what we want to be, who we want to be and what we should be when in reality we don’t do much about our current situation. 

We spend so much time living inside our brains that we are unable to differentiate our reality to fiction.

It is so hard to change our behaviour. When we unconsciously create a habit, it’s hard to break out of it. Whether it’s comparing ourselves to another or sitting for hours on end when you know you should be getting active, it’s still such a waste of time. You could be doing so much more 24 hours a day than doing things that keep you on your vegetative state. 

What is the solution you may ask? Sometimes the answer is so straight forward. There is no magical equation or answer to this: JUST DO IT. 

We know this to be true. That action brings about a result. We know this. As human beings we absorb, process and overload our minds thousands and thousands of information that we are almost debilitated from it. We seem to be unable to turn that information and create an action that we know will be beneficial. We know certain things are bad for us to consume, yet we do it anyway. We find ourselves in health compromising situations however we do little to rectify the situation. 

We think we have time but our time is so very limited. We lose time every single day, so why do we switch our brains on to autopilot and do things because we are “expected by society”. 

I think part of success, is practicing what you preach. It’s bringing your ideas into fruition despite what others may think of you. It’s taking risks, it’s standing alone in the midst of a thousand voices telling you you’re not good enough, it’s harnessing courage, it’s being vulnerable, its transparency, it’s being honest with yourself, it’s enlightenment and it’s action. 

So I invite you to ponder and re-evaluate what your actions have been this past few months of 2017. Have you achieved some of your goals? Have you grown the past few months? If so what’s changed you? What could you do today that could make you better tomorrow? What could bring you a step closer to your goals? It doesn’t have to be a big task. Small increments can make a big difference overtime. 

So I want us to go through this together. To be a work in progress everyday.

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