Eyes through rose coloured glass

I am going to read much more widely in the hopes of improving my literary skills. I have read quite exceptional works of art lately and it has motivated me to improve my writing – so stay tuned!

I do know though that I have been endeavouring to work solely on being the person I want to be. The process isn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be. It has been a bumpy, sticky, messy ride. But you come to know that life is just that. I bundle of surprises, wrong turns, misses and wins.

So I am going to go straight ahead and say it… We choose how we see life or how we want it to be – as a beautiful mess, or as miserable chaos. It is just as straightforward as that. I have tried to seek answers elsewhere – complicated, evidence based answers through writing and people, and there’s no other equation. It is a cognitive choice.

I for one have chosen to spend most of my time choosing to look at life from a dim and miserable perspective. I thought this was way better. At times I still think it lowers your expectations and thus, in turn does not keep your hopes up. But what was the use… I was spending majority of my time unhappy, when this should be the peak of my very own existence. I am young, free and healthy and yet I was choosing to see life from a gloomy perspective, robbing myself from the precious happiness I could have had from “choosing” to smile and laugh that day.

It not easy. I can attest to the hardship I have felt.

So here are a few things I was grateful for these few months:

  • Poetry – how it fills the soul with love
  • Unconditional love – how it awakes gratitude in your heart
  • Kind people – puts a smile on your face when you least expect
  • Lessons – when you want something good, but turns out there’s something better
  • Music – for soothing the soul
  • Beautiful landscapes – aesthetically stunning and grandeur
  • Sunshine – the way it kisses your skin when the light touches you
  • Home – shelters you from the scorching heat and icy winds.
  • Sunsets and how the air cools down just before the sun disappears

And most importantly, I thank God for being there for me through thick and thin. He’s always been there for me, sending me little hints and messages yet I had decided to ignore the signals resulting in my own misery. I continue to move up each day! And with one step back, it will be three steps forward! I hope you can do this with me too.



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