Writing that speaks to my soul // 112515

depressionI am quite active on media. And not just the social aspect of media. I love discovering new things. Especially blogs or writings from other inspiring people. I found a few online magazines and blogs that I absolutely love and I find completely and utterly inspiring. More people should read them because they are filled with IDEAS, MOVEMENTS, INSPIRATIONS. Things that matter. I’ll link them all below.

But one thing that spoke to me, was this one article from SOUL ANATOMY. Titled “How Depression Actually Helped Me Develop A Deep Appreciation For Life”. I read it and thought – my goodness, someone crawled into the inner cabinets of my brain and put pieces together to create this wonderfully worded piece of writing. It may not speak to all, but it definitely does to me. Depression is something I have slowly overcome. Now all that is left of me is my Anxiety. Although this is so, I still thank my experiences (bad ones) as it has really given me a different vantage point of life. So here is an except from the article, but I encourage you to read it.

Depression does this funny thing where it forces you to choose the option that only feeds it even more. Lay in bed, starve yourself, skip hanging out with friends, fail classes, ignore phone calls. It was like I already didn’t exist, so dying didn’t seem like that much of an extreme decision at the time.

After a couple of years of therapy, self-help book indulging, pages of writing and few attempts with anti-depressants, I was starting to find myself having days that I actually enjoyed. I think this was even more difficult than just being depressed all the time, because I’d believe my illness was gone only to find myself the next day curled up in bed, unwilling to move.

It was strange because there would be these times I didn’t want to exist and within 24 hours I would be completely ecstatic and wanting to get the most I could out of life. I was struggling still. I was so afraid to be sad, because I knew what my sadness could do to me. It made me think irrationally, causing me to have days contemplating whether life was worth it or not, even though deep down I knew it was.

Once I began having more good days than bad, I don’t think life had ever seemed so beautiful to me. Laughing became uncontrollable and I started enjoying even the outmost minuscule of things. I went from dreading the sun peaking out from my blinds, detesting any plans I made previously in attempt to get myself out of bed to feeling the breeze when making a left turn in a hot car as the windows were down and thanking God for it.

Read more at How Depression Actually Helped Me Develop A Deep Appreciation For Life .

Here are other sites I encourage you to browse.

  1. http://soulanatomy.org/
  2. http://www.theminimalists.com/
  3. http://moreloveletters.squarespace.com/
  4. https://www.ted.com/


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